Why you should carry a bike pump with you

We’ve all been there once or twice. You’re geared up for a great day of bicycle riding on a beautiful sunny afternoon and just as you round the corner you realize that your bicycle tires are not completely pumped. Unless you planned ahead and have a bicycle air pump on your bike with you, you are forced to turn around and go back home or to your car to give your tires a pump. In more disappointing cases, you may not have a pump with you at all, forcing you to end your ride early.

Riding your bike on flat tires can damage your bicycle and be very dangerous. As such, it is important that you keep a bicycle air pump handy. There are several types of pumps that can work for you. If you are a casual bike rider and generally don’t ride too far from home, a floor pump may be a great solution. These are relatively inexpensive and can be stored in your car and garage. They are a little larger than other bicycle air pumps but they have a high air capacity and are able to pump tires up in no time.

If you are a road bicyclist you may want to look into mini air pumps. These pumps can be mounted onto your bicycle with a little bit of hardware. They are light and effective though they require a little more time to fully pump your tire. For mountain bikers, you’ll need something a little more durable. A frame fit pump is likely your best alternative. These will provide a little larger capacity allowing you to fill up more quickly.

There are many options for a bicycle air pump but not all of the pumps are equal. Just like any other product, do your research in terms of quality. Look for customer reviews and product guarantees. Many bicycle websites will have pumps reviewed professionally because they are such an important tool to have on hand. If you need additional assistance picking out the right pump, visit your local bicycle shop and speak with a professional who can best assess your needs.

Doing a little research yourself and taking the time to check for customer reviews and learn about the various bicycle pumps available on the market can mean the difference between enjoying a great day of biking and sitting on the side of the road with a flat tire in frustration. Being prepared is an important part of bicycle riding and knowing the right tools to stay prepared is essential.

If you are new to bicycle riding, many bicycle shops will offer free classes on bike maintenance. You can learn about what you need to do to keep your bicycle running in tip top condition. One of these things will include keeping your tires pumped and ready and not riding on flat or slightly flat tires. These classes can help you fully understand the importance of purchasing the right bicycle air pump that will ultimately help you prolong the life of your tires and your bicycle.

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