What kind of pump do you need at home?

If you are an avid bike rider then you already know how important it is to have your tires properly inflated. Tires that are underinflated do not exactly contribute to a smooth ride. Tires can also wear down when they are underinflated which has the potential to create safety risks. This is why it is quite important to purchase the best possible bicycle tire pump to make sure that your tires will work as intended.
There are many different types of bike pumps on the market as most biker riders are well aware. You may wish to purchase more than one particular type of pump in order to handle different tire inflation tasks.

In the home, it might prudent to have a high powered electric pump. As the name implies, an electric pump will automatically inflate your tired for you. You need not step on a foot pump repeatedly in order to inflate the tire. Now, there is nothing to say you cannot by an older model pump and do things the old fashioned way. However, an electric pump can do the job much quicker and more efficiently which is why it is often the preferred model to use. Besides, how can you multi-task when you have to have one foot on an air pump? You really can’t which is why it might be the much better option to use an electric pump which can handle the task without any supervision. Consider that “autopilot” function a major benefit.

Both the traditional foot pedal pump and an electric air pump are perfect for the home. But, those that wish to take a bicycle pump with them when they are out on the road will need a portable model. A portable bike pump can come in handy. Yet, there are bicyclists that believe there really is a need to travel with a portable bicycle tire pump. They will ask that question until they discover the reason the hard way – you can have an unexpected flat at any time. When you are riding your bike around the city, you will find that this will be quite inconvenient. If you take your dirt bike off road to a remote area, you probably will discover the some serious problem of dealing with a flat at such an enormously inconvenient time and place.

This is where mini-pumps can prove to be invaluable. These pumps are much smaller than the standard sized pump which makes them easy to slip in a sleeve on the bike and travel with them. Just be sure they are secured to the bike or else they may fall off. If you can’t affix one to your bike, be sure you have a mini-pump in your backpack. This way, you never have to deal with the various problematic issues which may arise if you do get an unexpected flat.

No matter what type of bicycle tire pump you purchase, you will need to store them properly when not in use. This will prevent any damage befalling the pumps and it will also reduce the likelihood that your pumps are lost or misplaced.

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