Portable Bicycle Pump: An Essential Tool for Ever Cyclist

You are bicycling through mountainous, rugged terrain. You have not seen any signs of human life for hours. Your vehicle is a few miles away. You have been biking all day and you start to realize that your bike is not handling correctly. You stop to realize that one of your tires is flat. It is a good thing that you have a tire patch kit and a portable bicycle pump.

This scenario occurs to cyclists all over the world everyday.  Unfortunately, many of them do not carry a portable bicycle pump and they are put into an unnecessary predicament.  It does not matter where you bike, whether its on country roads, busy city streets, through treacherous terrain, or along the beach, you must have a portable repair kit and pump.

The ideal portable pump is lightweight and easy to use.  It should be small enough to attach to the frame of the bike without interfering with operation or into a small bag or satchel.  Most of the major bicycle companies produce their own versions of portable pumps, but some pumps stand out more than others.

Furthermore, there are a lot of types of portable pumps.  Most portable pumps are manual, requiring you to pump them.  These are the best because they are the lightest and most portable.  They also do not require external power sources.  There are also electric pumps that are battery operated.  Although they are more convenient, if the battery fails or is drained, it will do you no good.  There are even CO2 powered pumps, but as with the battery powered bicycle pump, if the CO2 leaks or is not there, it is just a waste.  Manual pumps are a lot less likely to fail.


Schwinn is a leader in making quality, value bicycle products.  They make an excellent, budget bicycle pump, the model SW75345.  It is a simple, lightweight pump that is well worth the less than $10 price tag.  It comes with mounting brackets with velcro straps that make it easily attach to any bike frame.  It also has a folding handle that make it easy to grip and pump.


The Blackburn portable bicycle pump is a great emergency pumping solution.  Its patented, high-volume aluminum barrel fills your tires much faster than other portable pumps, getting you back on your way in much less time.  It is such an excellent pump that it is backed by a lifetime warranty.


Topeak is by far the leader in portable pumps.  They make several different models to suit every rider.  Their best model is the Pocket Rocket Master Blaster, as small, sleek aluminum bicycle pump that weighs only a quarter of a pound.  It attaches quickly to almost every bicycle frame for quick, convenient access.

Many brands make variations of the portable bicycle pump.  Although there are electric and CO2 models, manual pumps are the most dependable and reliable kinds of pumps.  They are also the lightest and easiest to bring.  Do not be caught off guard by a flat tire at an inconvenient time; equip yourself with a portable bicycle pump.

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