Fassa Separator – Does it really protect the bike?

Your bicycle is obviously vulnerable to knocks and scratches when you are hauling or storing it — and that is where the Fassa Separator bicycle protector comes in.

Until today — unless you’ve got a cavernous garage with specific bike parking — the sole method of looking after your pride and joy when it is not being staged was by either packing it away in an awkward bike bag or leaving it to the mercy of an oily old blanket.

After enduring storage harm to their own bicycles, the group behind the Fassa Separator bicycle protector decided there was a better way and, with necessity the mother of invention, the bicycle protector was born.

Velcro straps are positioned to cover the saddle and stem to fasten the Separator set up. It is worth noting here that this is not a bag — it is more of a divider.


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Padded
  • Protects adult bike with wheels
  • Flexible (easy to fold away)
  • Low volume
  • Ripstop PE Fabric

The Fassa Separator bicycle protector is made of ripstop polyethylene material with 14 threads per inch score — the highest strength rating there’s. It’s the kind of fabric used in military goods, so suffice to say it’s very, very powerful. Offered in both silver and black, Fassa states the silver also includes a built-in ultra-violet light inhibitor, safeguarding your frame farther still.

Sandwiched between the ripstop fabric of the Fassa Separator bicycle protector is 8mm of closed-cell foam cushioning, which clearly provides a nice amount of celebration and scratch protection, but Fassa claims the foam also compresses around the bicycle, meaning greater stability and less motion and massaging when on the move.

Unpacking the Fassa Separator bicycle protector I loved the simplicity of the item. There is nothing fancy about it — it is merely a padded divider which you can attach to your bicycle to prevent it getting beaten up, or even to prevent passers-by brushing past an oily drivetrain.

As somebody who’s continually traveling with a bike, I discovered the Fassa Separator bicycle protector useful for your vehicle. Although I want to remove wheels to match my bike in, it was flexible enough to wrap around the frame and then lean up to the wheels against it — supplying frame, wheel, and auto protection all at one time. If you’re fortunate enough to have a van to transport your bicycle and you’ll be able to leave the wheels in, then it is excellent for racking bikes top to tail as a simple divider.

Then it might also be used when hanging a bicycle upon a hook — as is the set-up in most bicycle garages — in which the bicycles inevitably get clanged together when obtaining down one.

For many people, spending #60 on what is effectively a cushioned blanked is far too much. However, it’s actually well made and as soon as you’ve started using it it’s tough to return to the fatty blanket at the boot.

Protecting a bicycle that is probably set you back a few grand will make it look like great value to some people, but others will be delighted to make do with what they have already got.

As soon as you start using it, it is incredibly handy and makes it difficult to return to the old greasy blanket solution. Some cyclists will salute, some will slate, but do not expect to find anything like much cheaper.

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