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Men have been more sexual since the beginning of, heh, TIME, eh? I would like to fix this but I have literally racked my brains on how to solve this. Submitted by Del on June 2, - 4: The morning "demand" essentially capitalizes on his testosterone rise and the time of day when business might be further away in his mind. I notice you said "ex"! No use in waiting anyway. I think most available men my age would prefer a younger woman woe the woman who marries these old guys though!!!

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It seems like lack of sex and feeling undesired may be the biggest sources of resentment that women have against men these days.

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Why don’t I enjoy sex? You asked Google – here’s the answer

I went to therapy because I needed to understand and learn about self-love. Tell your husband that sex is necessary for your marital happiness. It got worse and worse as the years progressed and in his mid 30s he just decided he wouldn't bother anymore. It's absolutely hurtful to be rejected constantly. I notice you said "ex"! In the first instance, not understanding the mechanics of your body — as married virgin Stopes found out — can massively hamper the pleasure you experience using it.

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