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She's a working woman. We should NOT allow ourselves to be used Black women hate each other so much It's amazing how we as Black women have bought into this garbage, feminist, bull that white women have been shoving down our throats LisaRaye Makes Her Rounds

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You will never be relevant in Society besides the gutter.

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Women like Lisa makes it bad for other black women Sigh, I wonder what she teaches her duagther. Lisa Raye is shutting bitches down at 40! I like Lisaraye because she is who she is but Lisa please. Would you tell girls to stay away from your son if you had one, if he wasn't rich? She claim she wants to move on, yet every chance she gets she brings up this old mess. You will never be relevant in Society besides the gutter. Plus that man played her out and now she's trying to defend herself with all this self rightious garbage.

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