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A unique side-effect of Alice's Dream Master power was that it also worked to some extent outside of the dream, or whenever she was awake. Blaze again, Mighty Mother! By the time they get to the table where I am now there are only a few wedges left. Alice reveals to hero Ash Williams that her years of being a Dream Master have left her terminally ill, and she is dying. A few years have passed since 5, Alice and a more grown Jacob have returned to Springwood in order to finish up her father's belongings after he died implied to be by Freddy Alice is uneasy by returning but eventually reunites with Yvonne who is now a police officer.

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After Alice becomes pregnant with Jacob, Freddy quickly gets into Jacob's mind, connects his dreams to Alice, and uses Alice's dream power to bring him victims.

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After the death of Sheila, Alice realizes that Freddy used Kristen's dream power on her to bring victims into his nightmarish world. However, the power flowed into Freddy first before passing into Alice,because of this each time Alice dreamed, she would accidentally pull one of her closest loved ones into the dream with her, thus allowing Freddy to easily devour her friends' souls. She often day dreaming things that she doesn't dare to do in real life. Throughout the course of the films, her hair color changes, with it being a reddish-brown in The Dream Master, and outright blonde in The Dream Child. In reality, they crash into a tree, leading a wounded Dan to be taken to the hospital and prepped for surgery to repair his injuries. She later began to repeat the mottoes of her friends, such as "we've got matching luggage," "mind over matter," or her brother's battle cry of "banzai! Alice later uses most, if not all, of the dream powers she absorbed from Freddy's victims during her battle with him.

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